Full Comfort for your building  

We complained about the situation in our buildings and solved that problem. Now we offer you to avoid this problem in your building as well and have a clean and illuminated entrance and elevator which will work properly. Along with many other comfortable services you will be able to access your building, travel in the elevator with your personal card instead of searching for 5 tetri in your pocket.

Who can use our services

Residents of the new building

We offer you to fully avoid any service related to the management and care of the building, we will provide you with an employee who will be your Building's manager "chairman" and will work with you to provide all above mentioned services.

Chairmen of the building

We will help you answer all the troublesome questions and will also provide you with all the technical means and services that will ensure your residents' comfort.

Lift service personnel

If you serve the elevator and have already set up 5 tetri machines, but the population of the building asks you to integrate the card system, do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve this problem. We are your friend.

our services

Building's Manager

If you are now in the newly constructed building and want to have an experienced chairman (building's manager), we will provide you with the experienced manager who will take care of your building and ensure all the necessary services for you to feel comfortable.

Lift care and electronic access system

Forget about 5 tetri. We'll equip your elevator with the card system. You will be able to top up the balance online and use the elevator service.

Cleaning the entrance

The house starts not from the door of the apartment but from the entrance of the building. We offer intensive and high quality service of the entrance hall. Be proud of your home!

Equip the perimeter with cameras

We offer visual surveillance of the perimeter of the building, which will allow you to monitor positive or negative events around your building during 24 hours and eliminate unwanted results in time.

Garden Care

With our help you will have green grass, clean cover, cigarette and other unpleasant waste cleaned and well maintained yard. This is the necessary environment for our children and  for us as well.

water pump maintenance of the building

Inhabitants of the high floors often complain for the faulty work of the water pump of the building . We offer you to forget about this problem. Our specialists will provide continuous operation of the pump.


Simplicity of payment

You will be able to pay with modern means of payment, as well as card, internet banking or payment machines.

New project management

We will allow you to initiate a new problem on our customer portal, such as "Need to cover the roof", receive neighbors' feedback, make a decision and collect funds required for this issue with help of our payment system.

You do not spend much time thinking about what should be done

We are regularly working on development and therefore you automatically receive new, useful services for you. This is a continuous process.

Contact us

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